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For City Council 2011
March 8th 2011 Election -
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Press Release - July 23, 2010
Chelebian's Campaign Announces Joining the Race for 2011 Los Angeles City Council in District 12
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WINNETKA, CA - On September 14th 2009 Armineh Safarian Chelebian joined the race for the 2011 Los Angeles City Council in the Western San Fernando Valley's 12th City Council district.

Armineh S. Chelebian a 32 year resident of the City of Los Angeles, and an 18 year resident of Council district 12, recognizes the urgent need for a change in a new direction for her beloved city. The city's leadership, public employees union, special interest factions, and other influential groups within the City Hall are taking Los Angeles towards bankruptcy. Their bad spending habits, lack of accountability, fiscal irresponsibility and transparency are just a few of the major causes that have facilitated this failing trend in our city. While our city continues to face a serious budget crisis the spending spree by our elected officials continues to increase. Including but not limited to; paying the public employees pay rates above the private industry rate, on going pay raises, unwarranted bonuses, granting full benefits with minimum or no employee contribution and highly vested life time pensions. Consequently, these imprudent spending practices are effectively forcing our families to accept a declining level in the quality of life. While essential city services are plummeting, taxes and hidden taxes in the form of rates, fees, and cost of service charges continue to escalate. The private sector, due to the higher cost of doing business, increased regulations, red tape, and unfair city business taxes and in addition lack of  incentives continue to decrease.  As a result, businesses and employers are impelled to leave our city and consequently contribute to higher unemployment rates and lesser job formation. Our city's "usual way of doing business" and the budget need an overhaul in order to jumpstart the economy back into shape. It is time for a common sense fiscal conservative, who also is deeply invested in her community to aid in this greatly needed overhaul.

Chelebian's fiscal conservatism is rooted in her education and vocation as an accountant. She graduated from California State University Northridge in 1984 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Accounting. After graduating from CSUN Chelebian gained over twenty five years experience in the private sector in the fields of: Auditing, Accounting, Management, Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Taxes, Purchasing, Vendor Negotiation, Consulting, and Business entrepreneurship. In 1994 she became a small business owner by establishing Accounting and Financial Consulting Services, a successful accounting practice based in City of Los Angeles. 

Armineh is rooted in this city; she has raised two children who have graduated from the LAUSD public school system. Her daughter has recently graduated from CSUN in 2009 with a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and her son is currently attending CSUN as a Kinesiology major.

As an important member of our cities cultural, political and business community Chelebian's passion for continued involvement and desire to increase the quality of life has lead her down a ten year community service path. She has served thousands of volunteer hours for her community and city. A few of her accomplishments include: Former seven year elected board member of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council, where she served as the Chair of Public Works Transportation Committee and Interfaith Committee. Current elected board member of Reseda Neighborhood Council. Current member and Former Board member of Winnetka Chamber of Commerce. Board member of Valley Vote, where she served as Co-Chair of Education committee, Chair of Charter School reform committee, and member of Business tax reform committee. Delegate to California Republican Party. Former member of the Executive board of the Los Angeles County Republican Party, for which she served as Assistant Treasurer. Publicly elected member of the 40th Assembly District Republican County Central Committee and Former Chair. Former elected parent representative to various LAUSD Leadership Boards, for her kid's attended schools. Chelebian's desire to help her community, has also lead her to run for various offices within the recent years:  Valley City Council in the 2002- Valley Secession, Los Angeles City Council-CD 12 in 2003, 40th AD State Assembly in 2006 and 2008 where she won the Republican Primary.

Within the ten years of service for her community Armineh has become a stronger individual through the opportunities she has been granted and the defeats she has overcome. Armineh's foundations are deep, her experience is ample, and her knowledge is necessary. Currently, Chelebian is more than determined to carry on with the tremendous journey set ahead of her. She is looking forward to bringing true change and fiscal responsibility to the City Hall as well as bettering the quality of life and future for her family, friends, neighborhood, businesses and city community.

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Contact information: Armineh Chelebian Tel:  818-772-8173, Fax: 818-772-8176 P.O. Box 2231 Winnetka, Ca 91396
For Immediate Release                                                                        Date: 07/23/2010

The status quo has got to go!
L.A. Daily News - October 24, 2010
Hopeful or Hopeless, Would-be Candidates Keep Trying
"Her persistence has made the 49-year-old accountant and Republican activist a member of the class of political hopefuls known in the trade as "perennial candidates." She realizes the label has bright and dark sides.
"If someone is going to do it over and over, either they've got to be passionate about it or they have to be crazy," Chelebian said.
"For me, it's a passion, it's a mission that I'm on," said Chelebian.  Read More...
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L.A. Daily News - November 13, 2010
Familiar Names in Pool of Candidates
"The field of contenders for the next City Council and school board elections began to firm up Saturday, as more than 80 candidates made the deadline in the first stage of qualifying for the March 8 ballot."    Read More...  
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L.A. Daily News - June 27, 2010
Imperiled Studio City Mural Inspires Song
"The only open seat, so far, is that of Councilman Greig Smith, who has decided against seeking a third four-year term. So far two candidates have announced for the job, Smith's chief of staff Mitch Englander and Armineh Chelebian." Read More...
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L.A. Daily News - October 5, 2009
Neighborhood issue Takes Center Stage
"Winnetka businesswoman Armineh Chelebian has taken out papers allowing her to raise funds and challenge Mitch Englander for the seat. Englander is chief of staff to Councilman Greig Smith, who has said he will not seek a third term." Read More...
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6 out of 11 Candidates Qualify for the March 8th 2011 Ballot

"6 candidates qualify for March 8th 2011 Los Angeles City Council race in CD12 :
FYI-When the candidates pay $300.00 they only can submit up to maximum 1000 signatures from registered voters within the district of which 500 has to qualify or else they can't get on the ballot. Those who wish not to pay the $300.00 filing fee,they can submit up to maximum 2000 signatures of which 1000 has to qualify." 
December 8, 2010 Armineh Chelebian Qualifies for the March 8th 2011 Ballot!
We did it!!! I turned in 910 signatures yesterday to L.A. City Clerk's Election Division and this morning I was told the required 500 signatures qualified and I will be on the ballot for the 03-08-2011 CD 12 Los Angeles City Council race!! Thank you to all those who helped, all those who signed the petitions and all of... those who chose to open up their doors and took the time to meet and hear my team members and I!" 
L.A. Daily News - January 6, 2011
Candidates vying for Greig Smith's open council seat begin race
"Chelebian said she would have a deputy dedicated to helping businesses...Each candidate lavished praise on neighborhood councils, Chelebian going so far as saying they should be allowed to weigh in on citywide issues by collectively casting a 16th vote in the City Council.."    Read More...  
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Chatsworth Place - January 8, 2011
Candidates Agree That City Government Is Broken
"Chelebian said if elected she would take neighborhood councils out of an advisory role and move them into a policy-making role..."    Read More...  
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L.A. Daily News - January 15, 2011
Candidates' ballot designations can be amusing, strange or some say ... misleading
"Opponents of Los Angeles City Council candidate Mitchell Englander protested recently that he overstates his law-enforcement role as an LAPD reserve officer by identifying himself as a "policeman" on the primary ballot..."    Read More...     
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L.A. Daily News - January 30, 2011
"..The only woman in the District 12 race to succeed retiring Councilman Greig Smith said her political persistence reflects an immigrant's appreciation for American freedoms...No one is stopping me from pursuing my dream because I'm foreign, or because of my religion - I'm Christian - or because I'm a woman, or a cert...ain age. There will be obstacles, but you still try...Since when is not giving up a bad thing..?"    Read More...  
Download the article here