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Armineh Chelebian For
City Council 2011


FPPC Committee I.D. number: 1322902

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For City Council 2011
March 8th 2011 Election -
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Neighborhood Councils, CD 12, Candidate Forum, Jan 31. 2011, Part 1 from Michael N. Cohen on Vimeo.

Neighborhood Councils, CD12 Forum, Jan 31, 2011, Part 2 from Michael N. Cohen on Vimeo.

As your Council member I will fight to insure City Hall keeps OUR and OUR FAMILIES best interest at heart and that OUR VOICES are heard.

If YOU feel LA needs to be better, let's work together, to take OUR City back, and help RECONNECT City Hall back to US, THE PEOPLE.

Help me fight for YOUR and OUR:
* Improvement of quality of life
* Better representation in City Hall
* Fair share of city services
* Better business and job climate
* Improved public safety

One thing you can count on is I will be fighting for preserving and improving our quality of life while building and leaving a stronger foundation for our youth and future generations to come. I will fight to bring accountability and fiscal responsibility back to our local government and to help improve delivery of core essential services, improve quality of education in our public schools and improve business and job climate within the city by supporting and sustaining our businesses.

I have the proven track record of real life work & experience on my side, as well as the independence of not being indebted to any special interests or pre existing political machinery in order to get the job done and get it done right!