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Armineh Chelebian For
City Council 2011


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For City Council 2011
March 8th 2011 Election -
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Armineh Safarian Chelebian's parents moved their four daughters to USA in 1978 from Iran, with the hopes of pursuing and living the American dream and providing a better life and future for them. They chose San Fernando Valley as home and that is where they all have lived since.

Moving to America at the age of 16 for Armineh meant leaving behind life long friends at
Nevart Goulbengian/Marie Manoogian Armenian elementary/middle/high school in Tehran. However, she now had the opportunity to make new memories along with learning, adjusting and adapting to a new environment, culture and way of life.

Armineh came to this country not as a fluent English speaker, yet had to adapt quickly as she immediately started her second semester of 11th grade at the Holy Martyrs Ferrahian High School in Encino. With hard work and determination Armineh graduated the top of her class and was accepted to attend California State University Northridge- CSUN. In 1984, Armineh obtained her Bachelor's of Science degree in Business Administration -Accounting from CSUN. California State University Northridge has also been home to Armineh's sisters who followed in her footsteps graduating with their B.S. degrees in Business Administration-Accounting. CSUN more recently has also been where her daughter graduated from in 2009 with her B.S degree in Business Administration - Marketing and her son has been attending since 2008.

After graduating from CSUN Armineh got her first career related job as a Medicare-Provider Auditor with Blue Cross of California in Woodland Hills. Since then Armineh moved on to a 25+ year professional career with well-rounded experience in areas of: Auditing, Accounting, Management, Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Tax, Purchasing, Vendor Negotiation, Consulting and Business Entrepreneurship, working for employers such as: Blue Cross of California (Medicare Auditor), Cedars- Sinai Medical Center (Financial Management Analyst), Medical Center of N. Hollywood (Sr. Financial Analyst/Sr. Staff Accountant), Visiting Nurse Association of Los Angeles -VNA of Los Angeles (Controller-Director of Accounting and Purchasing). In 1993 Armineh also obtained her life agent license and gave a shot at the industry for a couple of years by working with Principal Financial as well as Mass Mutual. In 1994 she went on to establish her own home based Accounting business- A.S.C. Accounting and Financial Consulting Services where she has been since!

In 2001 Armineh became involved in politics by becoming the Campaign Treasurer for the Honorable Bob Yousefian, former two times Councilmember and one term Mayor of the City of Glendale, CA. Being involved in his campaign allowed Armineh to develop and discover her own personal interest in politics, campaigns, community involvement and public service. Armineh saw this as being the opportunity where she could be able to stand up and be part of the solution, decision making process and make a difference by giving back and improving the quality of life for her community.

In 2002 opportunity presented itself when San Fernando Valley Secession measure was approved to get on the ballot. Armineh saw this as the start of her journey for making a difference, being involved, giving back and leaving some positive foot steps behind! She believed in San Fernando Valley getting its fair share and believed in local control, empowerment, representation and local voice. With the decision to run as a candidate, Armineh was one of three candidates from the field of 13 in her district who received the endorsement of Los Angeles Daily News. Of the 3 endorsed candidates, one was Honorable former Assemblywoman Paula Boland who went on to win the race in the district. However since the Valley Independence measure did not pass city wide, the winners could not take office.

In 2003 still excited and full of enthusiasm from the campaign trail in 2002, Armineh found out that the Los Angeles City Council elections for her district CD 12 was up and open, as then the 24 year Councilmember Hal Bernson was no longer running. Armineh decided to join the other 6 or so candidates in the race as a write-in candidate.
She knew running and winning against the well known name candidates such as: Honorable former Assemblywoman Paula Boland, School Board member Honorable Julie Korenstein, or Honorable Greig Smith then the 24 year Chief of Staff of Councilmember Hal Bernson was a challenging task at hand. However that did not stop Armineh or her supporters, yet it made her more determined to stay on course and in the race.  As a candidate she campaigned alongside her colleagues speaking at candidate forums and walking the precincts and reaching out to voters. Armineh saw this as a valuable learning experience where she was able to meet the constituents in the district, learn about the pressing issues in the community first hand, and to know what was important and what changes needed to be made in order to help improve the quality of life.

Armineh could not sit still after the election. Next she got involved as one of the founding members in her local community Winnetka Neighborhood Council, where she went on to serve on the Board as an elected representative from 2004-2010. During her time there she joined several of the committees and Chaired the Public Works Transportation and Interfaith Committees.
Through Public Works Transportation Committee-PWT, Armineh had the opportunity to work closely with many city departments, representatives, community members and organizations in order to help bring forward recommendations, organize and participate in various community and school campus beautification and clean up projects, such as: Mayor's Day of Service and Big Sunday. As well as other projects including: street resurfacing, traffic improvement, parking enforcement signs, cross walk beautification, speed limit enforcement reading equipment, placement of speed bumps and humps, business district improvement -CRA, water and power related issues and DWP-MOU representation, LA River-beautification, median beautification, street banners, MTA orange line, local school gardens and murals, tree adoption events through Million tree initiative and animal welfare-DAW, to name a few.
In the meantime Armineh became involved and joined the Board of Directors of Valley Vote and served on many committees such as Business Tax Reform Committee and chaired Education and Charter School Reform Committees. To continue helping the community for which she now was a stakeholder of, Armineh in 2010 ran and was elected to the Board of Reseda Neighborhood council.

Being a registered Republican, Armineh decided to become involved and be active within the Party and help make a difference, contribute and be part of the decision making process. Therefore in 2004 she started her involvement by running and publicly being elected to the 40th AD Republican County Central Committee. She was also re-elected in 2006 and 2008, with her term ending in 2010. Of the six years on the committee Armineh served the first four years as the chair. During that time in 2005 Armineh was also appointed to the Executive Board of Los Angeles County Republican Party and served as the Assistant Treasurer for the next 3 years.
In 2007 she was appointed as a delegate to California Republican Party-CRP, by then the Chairman of the Los Angeles County Republican Party Linda Boyd.  Armineh remained a delegate for another two years term (2008-2010), due to her victory in the 2008 California State Assembly Republican Primary race.  She was also internally elected by CRP membership as a voting member to the CRP Platform and Platform drafting committees. During this time, Armineh also became involved with many Republican candidate races and volunteered on their campaigns, helped to operate and run campaign headquarters. She also joined many Local Republican clubs including the Republican Women Federated and assumed responsibilities by chairing some of the committees and doing voter registration.

In 2006 Armineh saw the need for a change in the state level legislation and the way business was being done by the elected state legislators. Wanting to be part of the solution and decision making process in order to help bring fiscal responsibility, common sense and true representation back, amongst many other needs, Armineh decided to run for the 40th AD California State Assembly. Armineh wanted to ensure that Los Angeles and the Valley were not going to get shortchanged anymore and that they would be able to get back their fair portion of the local, state and federal tax dollars and that those funds would be spent on the local needs and services as intended.
Armineh received the endorsement of many community members, leaders, elected officials and some reputable organizations including Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association-PAC and gave her best shot putting the message out there. However she lost the primary and yet did not give up, when it would've been so much easier to do so.

Not giving up and continuing to pursue her aspiration, in November of 2007 she started her campaign for the 2008 California State Assembly race in the 40th AD, where the seat occupied then, by Honorable Assemblyman Lloyd Levine was going to be open due to his term limit. She once again received
endorsements  from many elected officials, organizations, community members and leaders. Hundreds of volunteers and donors came through and supported Armineh in this race and she went on to win the Republican Primary, however after getting about 33,000 votes she lost the general election to now Honorable Assembly member Bob Blumenfield.

In 2009 taking some time off from campaigns, Armineh thought she was done with her dream and desire of becoming part of the solution. Now she was ready to go on living her life as a private citizen and leaving all that she had done in politics and community behind. However she knew deep down, that the desire to serve and make a difference had not left her and was still burning in her heart. As each day was passing, Armineh was getting more concerned at the direction the city was taking. Therefore she saw the urgent need for a change in the City Hall and the way business was being rendered by the elected city legislators, representatives, departments, unions, special interest and other influential groups. She could not sit still and be un-involved anymore. Therefore in September of 2009, Armineh decided to run for the 2011 Los Angeles City Council race in CD12.

As Armineh is now looking ahead to her upcoming election and victory, she sees this as a full circle moment. Ten years later and thousands of volunteer hours later, giving back to her community, the party and many campaigns and races put behind her, Armineh still is more than determined to carry on with this journey. With a stronger foundation, gained knowledge and experience from every opportunity and defeat, Armineh once again looks forward to the future, with the hope and possibility of being able to take a greater part, in making a positive difference, in improving the quality of life and helping to build a better future for her family and beloved community and the city!  
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