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On September 14th 2009, I joined the race for the 2011 Los Angeles City Council, in the western San Fernando Valley's 12th City Council district.

Being a 32 year resident of the City of Los Angeles, and 18 year resident of the Council district 12, I recognize the urgent need for a change; in the direction my beloved city is taking.

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In the months ahead I will be working very hard to get our winning message to the voters within the district, I wish I could say that I could do this alone, but I can't!  I would need the help and participation of hundreds of supporters who would sign up to volunteer their time, money and resources in order to make this campaign the success that it needs to be! I really look forward and hope that you would join to support me!

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Armineh Chelebian

The city's leadership, public employees union, special interests, and other influential groups within the City Hall, are taking Los Angeles towards bankruptcy. Their bad spending habits, inefficiencies, lack of accountability, fiscal responsibility and transparency, are a few of the causes towards this failing trend. While the city continues facing budget crisis, the spending spree by our government continues increasing. Including but not limited to; paying the public employees; pay rates above the private industry rate, on going pay raises, bonuses, full benefits and pensions. This downward trend, is effectively forcing our families to accept a declining level of quality of life. While essential city services are plummeting, taxes and hidden taxes in the form of rates, fees and cost of service charges, continue escalating. The private sector due to higher cost of doing business, increased regulations, red tape, high and unfair city business taxes, and lack of incentives, keeps shrinking.  Businesses and employers are impelled to leave the city, and consequently contribute to higher unemployment rates and lesser job creation. Also the quality of education in LAUSD remains unimproved on the whole.  
It is my hope that you will find the contents of this website to be informative, and after learning more about my platform and I, you will take the time to get involved with the campaign! I look forward to seeing you join the team!
My fiscal conservatism is rooted in my education as an accountant:
I attended California State University Northridge-CSUN, and obtained my Bachelors of Science degree in Business administration -Accounting in 1984.
I then moved on to 25 years of, well rounded career experience in the private sector, in the fields of: Auditing, Accounting, Management, Budgeting, Financial Analysis, Taxes, Purchasing, Vendor Negotiation, Consulting and Business entrepreneurship. In 1994 I became the founder of A.S.C. Accounting and Financial Consulting Services.
I furthermore am the proud parent of my two children:
Who went on to attend LAUSD public schools for combined total of 12 years, and then CSUN. Where recently my daughter graduated from in 2009 with her B.S degree in Business Administration - Marketing and my son has been attending since 2008.
With deep roots in the Valley's cultural, political and business communities, my passion for continued involvement, being part of the solution, desire to make a difference and help improve the quality of life, has lead me down a 10 years community service path. Where I have been able to serve and give back, thousands of volunteer hours to my community. Some of my accomplishments are:
Former seven year elected board member of the Winnetka Neighborhood Council, where I served as the Chair of Public Works Transportation Committee and Interfaith Committee, and appointed member to Neighborhood Council DWP MOU-Oversight Committee. Current elected board member of Reseda Neighborhood Council. Current member and Former Board member of Winnetka Chamber of Commerce. Board member of Valley Vote, where I served as Co-Chair of Education committee, Chair of Charter School reform committee, and member of Business tax reform committee. Delegate to California Republican Party. Former member of the Executive board of the Los Angeles County Republican Party, for which I served as the Assistant Treasurer. Publicly elected member of the 40th Assembly District Republican County Central Committee and Former Chair. Former elected parent representative to various LAUSD leadership Boards, for my kid's attended schools.
My desire to help my community, has also lead me to run for various offices within the recent years:  Valley City Council in the 2002- Valley Secession, Los Angeles City Council-CD 12 in 2003, and the 40th AD California State Assembly in 2006, and 2008 where I won the Republican Primary.
Every opportunity and defeat, that I had to overcome within these past 10 years, has made me stronger as a person. It has provided me with refreshing common sense, a stronger foundation, experience, knowledge, awareness of pressing issues and priorities in the community. Currently I am more than determined, to carry on with the journey set ahead of me. I anticipate of bringing real change, and fiscal responsibility to the City Hall. With the hope and prospect of being able to help play a greater part, in building a better quality of life, and future for my family, friends, neighborhood, businesses and the whole local and overall city community.

The special interests in our City Hall, have been working hard for their agendas for many years now.
It is about time, that the hard working citizens in the San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles, had someone fighting for them. I will be fighting for you, because my opponent shows no signs of changing the status quo. And I am sure when I say, the time has arrived where, "Status Quo has got to go",  I am not alone!
At this critical instant, we need to replace the career politicians in the City Hall, with common sense conservative citizen representatives. Who are from the community, for the Community, and are courageous and free enough, to represent the interest and the will of the whole community.
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